Opportunity for Chamber Members to Get Attention!

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July 17, 2018
Hello all,
On August 15 at 1pm, Senator Kim Thatcher and I are hosting our annual golf tournament at McNary Golf Club. The players are mostly lobbyists but also include local business owners, bankers and elected officials from all over the state, all of whom love coming to Keizer and playing in our tournament. This year we have several Chamber members who are playing for no charge as I had openings on teams to put them on.
What I am asking for is prize donations. This can be anything from a $10 gift certifcate to wine to whatever you'd like to promote your business to over 100 players that day.
If this is something you'd like to do please contact me at: repbill@billpost.us and I'll come see you!
Thank you!
Bill Post
Bill Post, State Representative
(503) 931-3310