News Release: 1/7/2019

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January 07, 2019
Adapt8 Launches Tree Guardians Produced In-House
Tree Guards Now Available in Standard and Custom Sizes
Salem, Ore., Jan. 7, 2019, Adapt8, original developers of black and white tree trunk protectors, has moved production of Tree Guardians in-house. Manufacturing the product internally allows the company to offer both standard and custom sizes, provides significant freight savings and ensures product availability nation-wide and year-round.
Tree Guardians are black and white corrugated plastic tree guards that provide trees years of protection against predators, herbicides, tractor damage, southwest sunscald and frost. The corrugated Tree Guardians easily wrap around the base of a tree with reflective white on the outside and black on the inside that reduces sucker growth. The cushioned product also offers protection to nursery stock during transport.
“Nurserymen, orchardists and nut growers have relied on Adapt8’s Tree Guardians to protect their investments since we first developed them over 25 years ago,” said Michelle Moore, CEO of Adapt8. “We are happy to provide value to our customers by offering custom sizes and cost savings through our internal production.”
Tree Guardians are reusable and constructed for long-term use, saving resources as well as time and money for customers. Growers experience less discarded stock and more vivacious, healthy trees.
About Adapt8
Adapt8, a family-owned company based in Salem, Ore., is changing the way the world grows food with innovative products for agricultural, gardening and industrial customers. Adapt8 is a sustainable company with scientifically researched greenhouse and agricultural products that grow bigger, brighter and better crops. Adapt8 is best known for Solexx, a twin-wall greenhouse covering material that surpasses other covering choices in insulation, light, quality and longevity resulting in healthier plants and lower energy bills. Visit for more information.
Michelle Moore, Owner