Advantage Heating and Air Conditioning Partners with Called to Rescue with VIP Maintenance Program

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June 26, 2018
Every year, approximately 1.2 million children are being sex trafficked across the globe. Since September of 2015, well over 1,400 of those children have been freed from sex trafficking and abuse due to Called to Rescue. Called to Rescue is a hands-on non-profit organization that is involved in rescuing children from abuse, trafficking, and those that are reported missing.
Based in the Pacific Northwest, Called to Rescue is not only involved in freeing and finding missing or trafficked children, but they believe in the practicality of training and awareness. Called to Rescue has task forces all across the United States that partner with parents, schools, and local law enforcement to train, equip, and raise awareness.
The founder of Called to Rescue witnessed a trafficked incident and vowed thereafter to do all in her power to end this evil. This, indeed, is an outrageous stain in our world, and it is beyond noble to see individuals take action and not believe this problem is too great. In truth, this issue is too large for one person, but when many take a stand, ripples of change begin to echo.
Advantage Heating is an example of how not only individuals or non-profits can choose to make a difference. In 2017, Advantage Heating partnered with Called to Rescue in hopes of raising money for this great cause and spreading awareness to the local community about the issue and everyday “red flags”. This event was called Colorfest, as it featured a Color Run, and it raised over $7500 for Called to rescue and other local non-profits. 
In addition to this great event, covered by the Statesman Journal, Advantage Heating partners with Called to Rescue on a regular basis. The owner of Advantage strongly believes in the mission of Called to Rescue.  He is passionate about families being informed about the signs of trafficking, what priming is and how to recognize it.  To help move this message forward, Advantage donates a portion of all proceeds from their “VIP” maintenance program(s) to Called to Rescue. If you are interested in joining the fight against human sex trafficking, please contact Called to Rescue via their website to find out how you can help.
If you would like to participate in Advantage’s VIP maintenance program call 503-393-5315 or 503-Cool-911.